Tuesday, January 15, 2013

currently learning the cup song from Pitch Perfect.

I'm baaaaack :]

I haven't written a post since October 8 and a TON has happened since then. This post will be strictly for catching up. I have lots planned for future posts so make sure to stop by again!

1. I got laid off from my job on November 13.


3. I moved to Chesapeake, VA on December 9. It was a terrible drive. I don't wish it on my worst enemy. Let's just say that we will NEVER move ourselves by pulling a U-Haul behind one of our vehicles. What was supposed to be a 13 hour trip turned into 24. We couldn't go above 55 mph & if we hit a bump in the road, the trailer started swaying back and forth, causing my Jeep to sway back and forth, causing me to pee my pants several times. We were so tired by the time we made it into VA that we had to stop & sleep for 2 hours. The hotel room had obviously not been cleaned because there was black hair in the bed & in the bathroom and I thought I was going to contract some kind of disease. It was absolutely disgusting.

4. I got to ring in the new year with my best friend, Liz :] Her dad and sister live in Virginia Beach so she came and visited with them for the holiday and we conveniently got to slip in some best friend time.

5. Bristol is loving the new apartment. We live on the first floor so she can run around and play and not disturb the neighbors like in our apartment in MS. She enjoys long walks/sprints around the courtyard chasing the resident rabbit and sleeping on the back of the couch like a cat. There is a dog park less than 5 minutes away which is awesome. I would be so bored on duty days without her.

I guess that's all for now! I gotta get my tush in bed. See y'all later!

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