Tuesday, February 14, 2012

and the greatest of these is love.

in honor of Valentine's Day i decided to share my all time favorite love song..besides mine & john's song.
Marry Me by Train:
i love the simplicity of not only the song but the video as well. love is simple. either you love someone or you don't. this is not to be confused with lust, infatuation, puppy love, or whatever other name you want to call it. love is just love.

okay, it's that time. i'm about to get sappy. cover your eyes if you can't handle it.

i met my boyfriend, john, when i was 15. we both went to Bolton and had a few classes together. he will even admit that he was smitten with me the day we met but i had a boyfriend. it was a typical high school relationship. i thought we'd be together forever. blah, blah, blah. this being said, i never thought of john as anything more than a friend until me & boyfriend broke up after my freshman year at UT. i used to flirt with john just because i could. i knew he liked me after all my friends told me so and i finally wised up. 

i came back to memphis for the summer & started hanging out with john again. it was so good to be able to see him and talk to him again. we started dating shortly after and were together for a year. i went back to knoxville and we broke up due to the distance. it was too much for us and we were too immature to handle it. we just wanted to be together all the time.

time passed. i had a new boyfriend in knoxville. he was taken too. i thought about him a lot but i was still hurt from the breakup. things changed after i went on spring break to Key West. i had a few too many drinks, was mad at my bf, and called john to vent about it. i realized i did this a lot. whenever i needed to talk to someone, he was my person to call. he listened to me, made me laugh, and made the situation seem silly.

after calling off my engagement in july, i moved back to memphis. it seemed like deja vu because we started talking again after i got home. he was still taken and i more than respected that. i was in pickwick with my parents for labor day when he told me that he and gf had broken up. i was elated and thought this was our second chance. it was.

we are happier than ever. we have been back together for 4 months now and i can't imagine how i got along without him this long. we have 100's of bizarre things in common. ex: we both have a big freckle above our belly button, a little to the right. we were both born on the 17th of the month. his mom's birthday is one day before my mom's. our dad's are both named mike. i could go on for days..

i just wanted to let everyone know how much i love him & what our friendship and our relationship mean to me. we were best friends first and we always will be.

now i guess i should put our song on here[i know you were all anxious to see what it is haha]
When You Say Nothing At All by Keith Whitley:

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone<3

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