Monday, February 27, 2012


i've been M.I.A. since Valentine's Day because of my shotty Comcast internet. now that my new AT&T U-Verse equipment is on the way, you can all rest easy that i will be frequenting my blog a little more often. [i know you're all stoked]

i have decided to give up 2 things for Lent this year: Diet Coke & cursing. even though i consider myself to be a very classy lady, i have the mouth of a sailor [probably worse]. to help me with this, i have asked John & my mom to smack me on the hand whenever they hear me say a curse word. naturally, this has led to a lot of slaps. it's working slowly but surely.

i think i have just traded one Coke monster for another by giving up Diet Coke.

i have switched to Coke Zero and it is SO NOT the same thing but zero calorie carbonation is something i cannot resist. the Lord would probably want me to give up soda all together..i'll consider it. baby steps.

future blogs will include my baking endeavors, decorations, healthy eating/workout regimens, and let's be honest, a lot more Bristol :]


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