Tuesday, February 28, 2012

matters of the heart

today i received some great news about my uncle! for those who don't know, he has major heart problems. 2 years ago, he suffered a major heart attack and a stroke at the tender age of 50. his smoking had caught up with him and he had open heart surgery to correct the blockage that was affecting his heart.

last tuesday, he was rushed by ambulance to Methodist Germantown after suffering a heart attack at work. the whole family gathered in the emergency room. he became stable quickly but the doctors noticed that his stints from his previous surgery were diseased and would need to be removed ASAP. he underwent several procedures the day after. they took different labs, removed the old stints, and put a sheathe in his right leg. this past friday, he had triple bypass surgery. his worst day was sunday as the anesthesia started to wear off. he was in a lot of pain and was not himself at all. he is constantly cracking jokes or singing Metallica and it was hard to see him like that. my mom texted me earlier today and told me that they have removed the tubes from his chest and he has been moved to a regular room. this was great news to receive and took some of the stress off my mind. he will hopefully be going home sometime this week and will start rehab shortly after [not drug/alcohol rehab haha]

lesson to me, my brother, and my cousins: don't smoke. like for real. heart problems run in our family [my mom, his sister, has a heart murmur]. i never want to see anyone have to go through what my Uncle Rich has gone through. please take care of your hearts, everyone.

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