Thursday, March 8, 2012

the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

i was so excited about my new crock pot that my mom just got me so i called her and asked her an easy thing to cook in it. she suggested pot roast, which i love. i went to kroger on monday and got a 1.8 lb roast, carrots, baked potatoes, rolls, and seasoning. the recipe is SO easy and SO delicious.

this is the crock pot my precious mother got me from target. you should definitely invest in one.
the first thing i did was read the back of the seasoning, which called for you to mix the packet with 2 cups of water. after that, i stuck the meat and carrots in and left it on low all day while i was at work.

i opened my apartment door to smell yummy pot roast :] i stuck the baked potatoes in the microwave to cook, pulled the roast apart with a fork and put it on 2 plates for me & john. he ate almost the entire thing just by himself.
lesson to me and all you young ladies out there: it doesn't take much to please your guy and you can't go wrong with such a simple dish. let me know if you have any other simple recipes for me to try!

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  1. I'll do a post about what I do to stay busy!:) your blog is cute! I'll let you know when I post!:)