Friday, March 30, 2012

blog fail

It's been an EXTREMELY long week & I haven't blogged since Tuesday, thus missing my favorite "What I'm Loving Wednesday". I guess I'll just have to come back twice as strong next week.

Yesterday, I called in sick to work because I thought my head might actually float off my body. My sinuses were that terrible. If you know me at all you know that I can never just sit down & watch a TV show or movie without getting up 800 times to take Bristol out or wash dishes or do laundry. I am my mother's daughter. Yesterday was no different. My body was telling me to just sit down and rest since I haven't been sleeping at all for weeks but my mind was racing with things I needed to do. I really didn't want to do housework so I thought I would do something fun instead. I found a great recipe on Wednesday on Pinterest. Here it is.

Pink Lemonade Fudge
It is SO simple, y'all.
First, you get your butt to Wal-Mart and pick up one bag of white chocolate chips,

a small packet of Pink Lemonade Kool-Aid,

& a can of Pillsbury Pink Lemonade frosting.
Believe it or not, that was the hardest part. Now you just need to get an 8"x8" cake pan and line it with foil. Spray some PAM so the fudge won't stick to the foil.

After that, dump the chocolate chips into a microwave safe bowl and heat on high for 1 minute. Take them out, stir, add a touch of vegetable oil, stir again, and cook on high again for 30 seconds. Take them out and stir again.

Immediately stir in the Kool-Aid packet.

Now you may want to move to a little bit bigger bowl and combine the entire can of frosting with the mixture. Once it is all mixed, pour it into the cake pan and refrigerate for 2 hours before you cut into it to make sure that it's set :]

Mine doesn't look as pretty as the Domestic Rebel's did but it sure tastes yummy! Next I'm going to try just regular old chocolate chips with chocolate frosting and see if I get the same result. I'll let you know!

So that this post isn't all about eating (makes me look like a fat kid haha), here's me & the BF last weekend at one of our friends' shrimp boil! It was a blast!

And here's me and little Bristol taking a nap while I was home yesterday. She loves Mommy.

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  1. Well it sounds yummy.. and as long as it taste good who cares how it looks?!