Tuesday, March 20, 2012

yum yum. gimme some.

i am EXTREMELY proud of myself for the dinner i made on Friday. it's still Lent and even though John isn't Catholic, he still eats a meat-free meal with me on Fridays :] what a sweetheart. the only fish i had at my apartment was 4 cans of tuna. he hates tuna so this wasn't really an option. he does, however, love tilapia.

i stopped by Kroger on my way home & picked up 2 fresh, right out of the case pieces of tilapia. these things were huge & they only cost me $5.99 for both! what a steal. i also wanted to marinade them in something to give a little extra flavor. i didn't call my mom on this one(shocker). i walked down the condiment aisle and found the marinades. after looking for a while, i chose the Kroger brand Teriyaki 30-Minute Marinade(only $0.99!!!).

i came home & looked up a quick tilapia bake recipe just to see what temperature/how long to cook it because i didn't want to overcook. i turned on the broiler and while it was heating i poked holes into both sides of each piece with a fork and poured the marinade on. now you would think it would be common sense with the name of the marinade but John asked me how long he would have to wait. silly boy. after him following me around the kitchen, my annoyance made me take the filets out of the fridge after only 10 minutes. i was kind of afraid it hadn't had enough time to sit, i poured a little bit more marinade on & stuck the filets in the oven for 3 minutes. i took them out, flipped them, and cooked the other side for 3 minutes. it was crazy to me how fast they cooked. i then lowered the heat to 425, stuck the garlic bread in for 6 minutes, heated some corn(the only veggie my picky boy will eat) and VOILA! there's a picture on my camera i'll upload later. he had his entire meal finished before i even finished my corn. needless to say, he loved it and so did i :] such an easy meal when you're on limited menu options.

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