Monday, March 12, 2012

1 Chronicles 16:11

this post is going to be a tad bit sad. i'm having a rough day as we all do. surprisingly, it's nothing to do with work but with John. he is leaving April 11 to go to boot camp for the Navy. hitting the 30 day mark really affected me. i'm going to miss him so much and i really have no idea how i'm going to go weeks without talking to him. i've been reading other blogs of military girlfriends and wives trying to find a little comfort and it has helped a little. i luckily have a good friend here [at least until May] that has a boyfriend in the Navy so we can cry, talk, watch movies, and just hang out together. nobody understands until they've lived through it and that's what makes me the most nervous. i am a total type A personality. i plan. that's what i do. the part that gets me is you can't plan in this type of situation. you just have to wait for letter, phone calls, orders, etc. i found my favorite quote while i was looking for quotes about strength.
i have to be strong for him and let him know that i'm okay and that he doesn't need to worry about me. sometimes i get really upset and cry in front of him but i really try not to. this will be a true test of our relationship and i am not worried for a second that we won't pass with flying colors. at least i have my little Bristol to keep me company and my mom when i'm having a bad day.

no matter what you're going through, it could always be worse. i'll try to keep this in mind as we embark on this rough transition.


  1. You can plan. Plan for things to do to pass the time. Plan things to do with family/friends. Plan things to do for his return. Plan your future with him. :) I posted of things to do titled "what to do?" Hope it helps.

  2. Thank you Morgan! You have already been extremely helpful :]

  3. Hey Samantha! Welcome to BLOG land.. I'm really sorry to hear about your boyfriend leaving for camp. I know that's never easy. I have several friends with husbands in the military and I always feel so awful for them. One of my best friends has been in Afghanistan for 3 years and I pray for him everyday. Thanks for following my blog! I'm praying for you and hope that this gets easier to deal with in time! *xo*

  4. Praying for you sweet girl!