Thursday, May 10, 2012

best. day. ever.

I'm so excited that I can barely type!!!!!!!!!! Most of you already know because I definitely Instagram'd, Tweeted and Facebooked about it already haha

I got a call from John yesterday!
Here's the story: I was packing up to leave work (it was 4:55) and my phone started buzzing. Usually I don't pay much attention because it's always my mother but I just glanced to see who it was and it was an 847 area code with Waukegan, IL ID. I definitely screamed. Thank goodness everybody was gone already :]

I said hello & he said hey baby & I started crying. I couldn't help it. You would do the same thing if you hadn't talked to your significant other for a month. He's doing okay, just missing home. I have to admit I wasn't listening that carefully to what he was saying, just enjoying hearing his voice. He thought he had an hour to talk but after 18 short minutes, the RDC's started screaming "30 SECONDS!" so he had to go.

My heart was literally beating out of my chest. I got home, checked the mail, and had another letter! That makes 3 that I've gotten so far. He laughed when he was telling me the first time he got mail that he had 15 letters from me haha whoopsies.

I am so in love with this boy. I can't even describe it. I feel like we're living Dear John or The Notebook (without breaking up of course :] )

Thank you to all my friends and family that have been there for me through this rough transition. He still has 5 1/2 more weeks but we're almost halfway! Keep the prayers coming, especially for him.


  1. oh yay! so happy to got to talk to him!

  2. SO excited for you! What perfect timing to hear his voice after such a hard week! Love you and so glad I got to meet Bristol!!

  3. thanks y'all! it was truly perfect timing. and abby, i'm sorry Bristol was such a handfull haha

  4. this made my heart happy!!!