Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Thursday :]

Hello everyone! I am feeling VERY chipper this morning so I thought I would share why with you. Last night, I had dinner with my friend Chris' mom. It's not random I swear haha Chris, John, and I are very close and his mom is one of my former bosses. With Chris and John both in the Navy, along with Chris' dad, it gives us a TON in common since she's been through it all on the girlfriend/wife side and the mom side. We went to Kooky Canuck in Downtown Memphis. I've never been before but it was AMAZING. We ended up taking more than half of our food home! Anyways, back to the point, she was asking me how I was doing not just with John but with work and just life in general. When I told her that I had been feeling depressed she told me to picture seeing him for the first time after bootcamp and getting to hug him and kiss him and just be in his presence again. It immediately brought a smile to my face. She still remembers seeing her husband the first time after bootcamp back in 1985. That's something. She & her husband met when they were 15 and got married at 17. The odds were certainly stacked against them but they are still together and completely in love. This gives me hope for a long and healthy relationship after being surrounded by divorce in half the marriages in America.
She also told me that once I started looking toward the future with positive thoughts, the rest of my life would start to seem positive again. I am really not a fan of my job but I am blessed in this economy to have one at all which is what I thought to myself this morning when my alarm was blaring instead of "Oh my gosh, another day of doing work I hate." I have also been missing my sisters in Knoxville a lot lately. I guess it's because spring semester is packed with philanthropy events and formals. I'm starting to realize that just because my college years are over doesn't mean that my fun is. Just because I have a "big girl job" and am a sorority alum doesn't mean that I can't grab a drink every now & then or treat myself to a movie. I have to find entertainment in different ways.
All this positive thinking has really lifted my mood this morning and I hope I can continue to remember how blessed I am. This bootcamp experience is just a short time, my job is not permanent, and life is constantly changing. Have a wonderful Thursday everyone :]


  1. Are you visiting Memphis? That's where I'm from love cooky

    1. I'm from Memphis :] I just don't get to go downtown very often!

    2. what a great post, i'm sure he will be worth the wait! :)