Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's Thursday...

Hi everyone. I apologize for my lack of blogging but I have been busy spending all my time with John. He left yesterday for bootcamp. I got 2 calls from him last night, one for 25 seconds when he got to the O'Hare airport and one for 15 seconds when he actually made it to bootcamp. I'm so glad I got to hear his voice twice more before this long stretch of silence. I even have a voicemail saved just so I can listen to it when I feel sad. I probably won't be doing much blogging for a little while just because I kind of feel numb. I am focusing all my energy on writing letters to him. I am writing at least once a day, sometimes maybe more than one if I finish one and then think of other things to say. I really don't know how I'm going to make it even an hour without crying but my mom & one of my best friends, Lyndsay, have been so great. I would be completely lost without them. I know this is whiny and boring but I just feel a little better venting on here.

This is us at his going away party last Saturday. He even got a little emotional towards the end. Maybe I'm not the only emotional one here.

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