Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today is a wonderful/hectic/amazing/emotional day. Today John is calling me with his "I'm a Sailor" call. This means he is officially a Sailor in the United States Navy and no longer a recruit. I feel like I may throw up. I have a terrible migraine. I haven't taken my eyes off my phone for a minute.

Nobody knows what time they all get to call. It's just sometime today. I guess it's just getting us prepared for the military motto "Hurry Up & Wait". It's also possible that he could get stuck standing watch and not get to make a phone call. Way to make us all go crazy, Navy!

I am so beyond proud of him for everything he's accomplished so far! He was determined to be a Sailor and today, his dream will come true.

I'll be posting as soon as I get the call! Hopefully he'll have his orders and can let me know where he's going to A-School & how long he'll be there. I'll be praying for myself today, that I can keep my sanity. He thinks it's funny when I freak out when he calls. He'll definitely get some good laughs today :]

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