Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Sorry for the 2nd post but I didn't want to make a novel this Wednesday :]

Here are some things I'm loving today :]

As stated in my previous post, getting to see my amazing boyfriend in 15 days! Connecticut, here I come!

I LOVE this wrapping! So simple & so cute!

This maxi is to. die. for. I want it. Now.

This LOVE ring from Tiffany's is gorgeous. I love all the rose gold lately.

These bracelets are so cute. I could use them in every color.

Why didn't I think of this sooner? Wrap cinnamon sticks around an unscented candle and the heat from the candle gives off the cinnamon smell! I always think cinnamon candles are way too strong so this is perfect.

Possibly one of the cutest shadow boxes I've seen.

I love everything about this bedroom. I love that the back wall is wood and the rustic feel with the burlap.

Hope you enjoyed :]


  1. Love that ring, and that entire bedroom :)

  2. I just posted that navy maxi dress on my WILW! ANNNDD I made a shadow box just like that one (from that same picture inspiration) for my best friends wedding! LOOVVEE those cutesy bracelets, is there a link to them???

    1. I saw that! I found the link!